Water, flour and passion

We offer you all the flavor and simplicity of the best Italian tradition.

About us


Located a few meters from the best beaches of El Cotillo in Fuerteventura, Pizzeria El Takun offers you all the flavor and simplicity of the best Italian tradition.

Each of our dishes comes from the perfect combination of innovation, high-quality ingredients and the study of new flavors, established on a skillfully worked and digestible basis, in line with the growing demand for a healthy and balanced diet.

We offer you a wide selection of pizzas for all tastes, cooked and prepared by the expert hands of our chef. And if you don't want pizza ... nothing simpler!

El Takún is a restaurant specialized not only in pizzas. On the menu are starters, Italian classics, chef delights, and homemade desserts, making each dish an unforgettable experience.


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Our local

The place is homely and familiar. In fact, its owner Luigi is sometimes helped by his wife Roxana and their children Francesco, Fabrizio and Sara.

El Takún pizzeria is the ideal place to spend time in a pleasant atmosphere with great music. From the outside its charm may not be appreciated .... but if you enter it, it is a revelation!


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Meet our team

Passion and Professionalism

Equipo de la empresa

Luigi De Marco, owner

He was born in Terlizzi, in southern Italy. He moved to Fuerteventura with his family a few years ago. Always passionate about Mediterranean cuisine. With the experience gained in Italy and Spain, he had the courage to establish himself and start this new adventure in El Cotillo, one of the most paradisiacal places in Fuerteventura.

Equipo de la empresa

Enrico Stecchi, chef

He was born in Milan and with his 30 years of experience in Italian cuisine brings energy and passion to the team. Make and monitor every item on the menu, from crispy pizzas to chef delights, as well as sweet home-made desserts or freshly baked bread. Along with their dishes, we rediscover the taste of "good eating", in a healthy and balanced way.

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